About the Salon

Rule of 6 is a Kitchener hair salon founded by local artist Erin Csont. Rule of 6 is also a philosophy and Ancient Wisdom of the Iroquois Tribe.

The Rule of 6 challenges our perceptual biases and demonstrates that for every event, occurrence or happening there are at least 6 probable causes. No black and no white. The Rule of 6 tells us that there is value in ambiguity and that our potential is limitless. Rule of 6 is located in the up-and-coming neighbourhood of downtown Kitchener.

The salon was born out of the desire for a laid back yet professional approach to hair care. A visit to Rule of 6 is not just about a hair cut but also about setting aside time out of your day that is just for you. You will be able to relax and enjoy your experience in the fun and laid back atmosphere.

Rule of 6 is a creative, colourful and truly unique space. It is a space where beauty and artistry unite!

Rule of 6 Salon is a certified Green Circle Salon. What does this mean?

Green Circle Salons - Certified SalonGreen Circle Salons is a special recycling/repurposing program that ensures hair, foils, color tubes, plastics, papers, and chemicals are diverted out of our landfills and water systems. That is 90-95% of our salons waste! That’s right! Even the hair we sweep from the floor is repurposed. Hair can be used to help clean up oil spills, as a gardening tool to keep away rabbits, deer, etc. as well as a natural fertilizer as it decomposes and we are proud to be a part of this Green Initiative to Revolutionize the Industry.

$2.00 from your visit to Rule of 6 contributes to the success of this program. Reducing your carbon footprint and having a great hair day all rolled into one.


About The Stylist + Owner…

Erin Csont

Erin Csont

Erin has been a stylist for thirteen years and studied at Vidal Sassoon and the Aveda Academy in Toronto. She opened The Rule of 6 in 2011 as an art-concept salon and home for creative hair design. As an artist, Erin is continually inspired by beauty, creativity and trends. Having travelled the world for several years, her unique perspective is deeply rooted in the beauty of diversity and is inspired by cultures and landscapes from around the globe.

Hair Cutting and Styling, Shaving and Beard Trimming

Special care is taken with each client to ensure that they are properly pampered and that all of their hair desires are met. Consultations are honest and well thought out so that you can leave with the cut and colour that suits you best.


Hair Colour and Highlights

Rule of Six uses Artego hair colour, a high quality hair colour from Italy which gives a beautiful natural look with long-lasting results.



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